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I Have Worked with 23+  Clients, Digital Agencies, Advertising Partners, E-Commerce Portals, etc. So Far……& of course with the help of TreatDigi Team Members, We have delivered them the Best Results with their Campaigns and the Best Web Designs for their New Launches.

Some of the Top Clients we have worked with includes Real Village UK, SolermerClub, Great Web Ideas ( Rahil Vora ), Gearbest E-Commerce Portal, RMedia LLC, etc.

*Check out the Clients and their Case Studies, Results, ROI on the TreatDigi Official Website.

  • SolermerClub

The family tourism group, SOLERMER under Real Village UK, was created in 1964. SolermerClub is a Part under Solermer Family Business in the UK. They have multiple Businesses in the United Kingdom including the Solermer Hotels at the top. They wanted us to create an Awesome Travel Website with Banners of their Travel services and handle their SMM Campaigns. Apart from this, they do have ” ” as their online existence for the Watch Segment. Check out the Full Case Study by clicking on their Logo.

SolermerClub Hotels

  • Gearbest

” ” is a Well Known E-Commerce Portal from Shenzhen, China. They have a tremendous amount of Tech Products on their Platform, and they do ship Worldwide for Free. They wanted us to promote their Products on various Technology related sites and also on the Indian Coupon Sites such as Cashkaro, CouponDunia, Freekaamaal,PromoCodeclub,etc. And we managed to bring them a very good number of sales for the Christmas Celebrations in December 2015.


  • Great Web Idea ( Rahil Vora )

Mr. Rahil Vora is the owner of a web design company ” Greatwebidea” Seattle, Washington. And he wanted us to build an awesome E-Commerce Portal in the PHP Language for one of his Client. It was the Complicated project as he wanted us to build the same Exact PHP Script of his clients Competitors. But our TreatDigi Member and a perfect PHP Developer Daniels Martinovs handled this project professionally and completed the task before time.

Great Web Idea

Some other Successful Web Design Projects:

  • Wyndham Grand 

whyndham grand