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About Me

Hello, There!!

I am Shubham Wagh – Digital Marketeer & A Hodophile

I am an Affiliate Marketer, Traveller, Entrepreneur, SEO Analyst and founder of TreatDigi – a Digital Marketing Company and Some other Android/iOS Projects. I have 6+ Years of Experience in the Digital Marketing Field, which includes the SEO Knowledge at the top. And then the other Related topics such as SMM, HTML5, WordPress, Conversion Rate Optimization( CRO ), Local search marketing strategy, etc.

Shubham Wagh

My Competence

Advanced Analytics

Local Search Strategy

Maps Search Optimization

Organic SEO

Social Media Marketing

Online Presence Analysis

Local SEO

E-Commerce SEO

Some Facts

  • I’m an Avid Traveler. –  For me, Travel Means self-growth. It reminds me just how confident I can be – especially when traveling on my own. It pushes me to my limits and gets me out of my safe routine. It opens my eyes to see unconditional beauty in both people and places despite our differences. It allows me to live from a space of joy, gratitude, wonder and awe. And, most importantly, it broadens my mind to the incredible possibilities of life.
  • I’m a Cricket Fanatic. And of course the Olympic Games.
  • I Love Trekking.
  • I Like ( Comedy, Travel based, Horror ) Movies!! and the Adventurous Roller Coaster Rides!!!
  • And at Last, but not the Least, I Love Tech Gadgets, so don’t hesitate to gift me one!!smiley

  like_icon Let’s Begin your Online Journey!!

Me and the Team at TreatDigi will Help you Grow your Business Online. We are very good at ” increasing the Overall ROI of any Advertising Campaign.” And Recommendation on your Organic SEO Campaigns.

If you are looking forward to promoting your Content online, then We can help you get the Best Content Marketing Strategy including Press Releases, Industry News, etc.

If you have any Local Business and want to improve your Organic Traffic Reach, then please contact Me. as I Have some very effective strategies to grow your rankings and overall traffic leading to the Increasing number of Clients for your Business.

Let’s become BFF’s!

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Shubham Wagh